Case study

“The content…was awesome! Not only are the results right In your face, but it also took a ton of investment of time by your writing team that I just simply wouldn’t have had the chance to do this if it wasn’t for your content team. We’ve hired agencies and not been impressed – but with you guys, the team couldn’t be happier. The results are real results”

Meet Park Place

At Park Place, we’re driven by the world’s finest automotive brands. And since our founding in 1986, we’ve dedicated ourselves to delivering the dealership excellence they deserve. That’s why we provide the highest level of client service, custom-fit to you. Going beyond just selling cars to cultivating real relationships. Building trust and understanding your needs. And creating extraordinary ownership experiences for thousands of loyal clients. That’s what makes us Experts in Excellence.

Their goals

  • Reach a younger demographic than the existing customers that are already familiar with Park Place.
  • Provide information and solutions to their customers’ issues
  • Improve online visibility
  • Stay ahead of competitors in digital marketing
  • Increase on-site conversions that indicate purchase intent, like contact form submissions and store locator searches
  • Improve PPC campaigns to maximize results and ROI

Our strategy

We started by optimizing each product page for unique keywords based on search trends and user data. 

From there, we created a new PPC strategy with highly targeted campaigns and ad copy.

Next, we wrote and published original, in-depth long form content related to common customer issues.

Lastly, we restructured the site’s navigation to be more user-friendly and created stronger calls to action to increase the conversion rate.

Business Impact

Conversions increased 53% in the first month, including contact form submissions, newsletter signups, store locator searches, and phone calls.

Within 60 days, Park Place ranked on the first page for 69% of their target keywords, and 46% of their first page results ranked in the top three positions.

New Google Ad campaigns lowered cost per click by 35% and generated 49% more paid goal completions





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