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What is included in our ecommerce SEO services?

Because ecommerce SEO is a multi-faceted process, we offer the following ecommerce SEO services: 

  • Personalized ecommerce SEO approach 
  • Schedule for online project management 
  • Research and optimization of keywords 
  • Product image optimization Product markup 
  • SEO copywriting for products 
  • Professional article or blog copywriting 
  • Promotion of content 
  • Setup Google Analytics 
  • Setup Google Search Console 
  • Reporting on keywords, traffic, and transactions per month 
  • And more

Our eCommerce SEO services include

When you first start selling online through web marketing, you want to be sure you’re attracting the correct clientele. This can be accomplished by ensuring that you have the appropriate material with the appropriate keywords. 

Because search engines rely on individuals searching for terms that are similar to those found on your website, SEO for an ecommerce website should include helpful, descriptive material. 

You have a better chance of being found if your website contains the words that customers type into a search engine. 

In fact, after conducting a search, more than half of users discover a new company or product.

However, deciding which words to include on your site and, second, ensuring that you have enough area for all of the varied phrases you require might be difficult. To begin the ecommerce SEO process, you must first determine which keywords or phrases you wish to target. 

Here’s how we start the eCommerce SEO process for our clients, and what you can expect from our in-house team of eCommerce SEO experts.

1. Identifying keywords

We conduct research before making any adjustments to your website in order to determine which terms and phrases you should include in your content. Keywords or key phrases are what they’re called. 

We’ll figure out how to describe your store or products to rank well in searches by using keyword research tools, asking your customers how they describe your products, or working with you to identify the phrases you already know are successful. 

Most keywords are related to your products or the overall concept of your store. For example, if you sell eco-friendly pet goods, you may choose keywords linked to that topic or concentration. “Eco-friendly pet items,” “eco-friendly dog toys,” and “eco-friendly dog harness” are just a few examples.

Other parts of your ecommerce SEO may benefit from your company’s unique qualities. For example, if you engage in content marketing, you may write blog entries on dangerous ingredients in dog food. You might use the phrase “bad ingredients in dog food” as a keyword for that type of content. 

Because it builds a successful plan for your organization, keyword identification is a crucial aspect of our ecommerce SEO services.

2. Implementation of keywords

Our next step is to add these high-value, relevant keywords to your website. 

These keywords are used in various locations by our ecommerce SEO professionals, including: 

  • Page titles for the home page 
  • Descriptions for the meta tags 
  • Description of the product 
  • More information on image alt text 

An ecommerce SEO plan must include this phase. It’s difficult for search engines — and even users — to recognize that your website is related to a search query if you don’t optimize it for these relevant keywords. 

While you can conduct your own copywriting to integrate these recommended keywords, working with a full-service digital marketing agency like Optimum DMA has the advantage of providing SEO copywriting services – notice that certain copywriting is included in our eCommerce SEO packages.

If you decide to engage in our ecommerce SEO copywriting services, we have a professional team of copywriters who specialize in a variety of fields, including manufacturing, retail, and automotive. We produce material that is not only well-written but also consistent with your brand thanks to their knowledge.

3. Optimization of product pages

Search engine optimization is required for every page on your website. 

It’s difficult to think of anything more critical to optimize in an ecommerce store than product pages. Product pages are crucial because they are more likely to rank for extremely precise search phrases, commonly known as “long-tail keywords.” 

If you sell green rubber dog bones, the long-tail keyword “green rubber dog bone” is unlikely to appear on your homepage. Your ecommerce SEO approach would instead concentrate on improving product pages for these long-tail keywords.

To ensure that your product pages rank well in search results, we’ll make sure that they have a title and a paragraph or two of keyword-rich content that explains the item. It’s also a good idea to provide the model number (if applicable) so that you show up in searches for it. 

On your product pages, you should include images of the items you’re offering. 

Images aid users as well as search engines. Users may get a sense of scale for your product by looking at your images, which show its size, color, and applications. Search engines might learn about the context of your product page thanks to your photographs.

That’s why our SEO specialists optimize your photographs. 

In addition, we thoroughly examine each page of your website to ensure that you are targeting long-tail keywords and that important SEO aspects such as title tags are not missing. As a consequence, you’ll have a product page that’s ready to convert visitors.

4. Improvements to navigation

Ecommerce SEO includes making your site user-friendly. You need an easy-to-use website even if you sell a diverse selection of products. We’ll make sure that each top-level page has a link from someplace in your menu, and that everything has its own section or category. 

Your navigation must also be basic and straightforward. 

Users may become confused and leave your site very immediately if you don’t. If they can’t find what they’re looking for, why should they stay? A higher bounce rate can be caused by this quick exit, sometimes known as a “bounce.”.

High bounce rates indicate to search engines that your website isn’t as relevant for the search terms for which it ranks, which could lead to a drop in your rankings. As a result, ecommerce SEO includes web design as well as landing page design. 

One of the most efficient ecommerce SEO methods we’ve discovered is breadcrumb navigation. 

Breadcrumbs are a type of link that appears at the top of a menu, category, or product page. Like Hansel and Gretel’s story, a trail of breadcrumbs on a website leads you back to your previous spot.

This strategy will be used by our award-winning web designers to add links and keywords to your pages and maximize the usability of your websites for users. We provide user experience testing services to help you get the most out of your website’s usability.

5. Content creation

Because it’s so difficult to compete online, one of the best ways to increase SEO and attract clients is to create fresh content for your ecommerce store. Content can be created via a blog, articles, press releases, and even ebooks. 

A content marketing strategy has two objectives: first, to give more content for search engines to crawl for keywords and phrases, and second, to exhibit competence and trustworthiness to potential clients. 

The best part is that content marketing has been proved to increase website conversion rates by a factor of two. Why? You’re adding value to people’s lives by creating unique and informative material, whether it’s by answering their questions or directing them in the right way.

More than 60% of users appreciate businesses that offer custom content, so your ecommerce store can stand out from the competition. That’s why, as compared to firms who don’t, companies that employ content marketing have more than quadrupled their conversions. 

Most ecommerce websites choose for a blog as a content marketing tool. A blog can contain one post every month or many posts per day, and it can be of any shape or size. It may be easier to concentrate on one or two posts per week for your online store.

You can write on anything important to your customers, such as industry trends or new items. You may even hold a contest if you sell pet supplies to find the cutest pet among your customers.

The following may be included as additional content:

How-to videos for product care and usage 

Infographics about themes that are relevant to your products or industry 

Long-form literature, such as ebooks or white papers, on industry areas about which you are knowledgeable 

Optimum DMA produces new content marketing strategies as part of our ecommerce SEO services – our ecommerce SEO packages include quarterly content — with the help of a competent team of writers and a creative team of Internet marketers. 

It’s up to you how this content is presented, and we’ll collaborate to determine what type of content is best for your website, then generate it and integrate it into your site. To make your website rank as highly as possible, SEO for eCommerce sites covers all of these elements and more.

Why should you enlist the help of Optimum DMA for eCommerce SEO?

Optimum DMA isn’t your typical eCommerce SEO specialist. 

We’re a full-service digital marketing agency with a passion for what we do, as proven by our collaborations with successful eCommerce companies in a number of industries. 

Do you want to know why Optimum DMA is the best eCommerce SEO company? 

Over 5 years of expertise 

Optimum DMA has more than 5 years of experience and can offer your firm unique expertise. Our years of experience instills trust in your staff as well. We’ve reacted to the industry’s quick changes to ensure that our clients get the best results possible, from increased earnings to higher rankings.

For the best outcomes, we rely on customized methods. That’s why our eCommerce SEO experts spend time learning about your business, industry, and product line-up. We also put you in touch with a dedicated and hands-on manager who is familiar with your team and company. 

This not only provides a personalized experience, but it also helps with eCommerce SEO.

These are tangible outcomes for both our clients and our team. Your organization can fulfill its objectives if product orders generate greater money.

Why is SEO important for eCommerce businesses?

SEO has numerous benefits for businesses in a range of industries, but it is especially important for eCommerce businesses. 

eCommerce SEO can help you reach more quality leads. These are the clients most likely to buy your products, resulting in higher sales and money for your company. SEO allows you to reach this group of customers by optimizing your website for the terms they use. 

These terms are regularly used to describe your store and its products. 

For example, if you sell embroidered cat collars, it’s only natural that customers will look for those terms. As a result, keywords such as “embroidered cat collars” or “engraved cat collars” should be included in your eCommerce SEO plan.

SEO advantages for e-commerce

eCommerce SEO allows you to reach out to high-value customers. 

Your potential consumers are ready to spend their hard-earned money, but without SEO, they may never hear about your store. Our eCommerce SEO services ensure that your store is visible and profitable. 

The online counterpart of putting a big sign in front of a brick-and-mortar storefront that proclaims, “We carry dog toys!” or “We sell cat supplies!” is eCommerce SEO. Your chances of appearing in searches for keywords with strong buying intent are close to none unless you optimize your website for these key phrases. 

Your competitors, on the other hand, do — and they’re glad to adopt your customers.

Your entire product range will be optimized via ecommerce SEO. 

Even if you offer a limited, curated selection, it’s critical that your target audience can locate your products while searching online as an online business. We optimize each of your products with our ecommerce SEO services. 

So, what was the outcome? Your website and products are found by users who search for “memory foam dog bed” or “orthopedic cat bed.” Better yet, they locate what they’re seeking for, resulting in another online order for your company. 

If your firm relied on traditional marketing, you’d have to limit yourself to only marketing one or two of your items unless you had a huge marketing budget.

Ecommerce SEO boosts your internet presence. 

Ecommerce SEO focuses on increasing your website’s search engine presence. Ecommerce SEO makes it easier for customers to find your website by raising your visibility. As a result, your website appears on page one of search results rather than page two. 

If you ignore SEO, you expose your company to a number of dangers, including: 

  • Lower rankings in search results 
  • There are fewer purchase orders
  • Revenue is down

All of these risks have an influence on your bottom line as well as your day-to-day operations. You won’t make sales if you don’t drive valuable visitors to your website, which means a drop in overall revenues. That isn’t a viable option.

We maximize your presence in search results with our ecommerce SEO services, as well as competitive and inventive techniques. That’s why our staff takes the time to get to know your company, from your products to your customers, and develops a tailored plan that gets results.

Ecommerce SEO is a low-cost marketing method. 

Ecommerce SEO is incredibly cost-effective when compared to traditional marketing methods. SEO gets you the results you desire by focusing on the terms your target audience uses and optimizing your website for those keywords. 

It’s also the cornerstone of a successful, results-oriented digital marketing campaign. 

You can reinvest the money saved by SEO in your company’s success. Perhaps you’ll diversify your ecommerce marketing plan to include pay-per-click (PPC) or email marketing, both of which have a high return on investment (ROI).

Long-term gains are generated by ecommerce SEO. 

SEO is a solid and long-term source of revenue for your organization, with a close rate of roughly 15% — that is, 15% of all leads will convert.

That’s why SEO is a long-term and continuous process; it doesn’t produce immediate results, but it does produce results over time. 

While 15% may not seem like much, it’s eight times more than the traditional marketing close rate of 1.7 percent. That’s a poor close rate, especially considering how much money your organization invests in traditional marketing each year. 

It’s another reason why ecommerce stores are turning to digital marketing.

As a result of the consistent results of ecommerce SEO, your business may grow over time. This refers to your company’s long-term goals, which could include growing your product line, hiring more people, or meeting your sales volume goals. 

The best part is that, unlike PPC, ecommerce SEO does not require you to pay for the results. While the two services compliment each other, PPC charges you for each click that your company receives. This lowers your overall profit and return on investment. Furthermore, it makes your organization financially reliant on sponsored advertising.

Ecommerce SEO helps you in competing with your rivals. 

Expect your competition to outrank you in search results if you don’t have an ecommerce SEO strategy and a top SEO agency. 

Even if you have a fantastic ecommerce site with a stunning design that naturally draws hundreds of connections, a competitor with a strong ecommerce SEO firm will nearly always outrank you in every search. It is insufficient to own only a portion of the bundle. 

With so much competition online, you need the whole package – and that’s exactly what you get with a customized eCommerce SEO package from Optimum DMA. As your partner, we’ll devise a unique and competitive plan to propel you to the top in your field.

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